Connex by Wippermann Bicycle chains for highest performance

A bicycle is only as good as its chain: it is the indispensable link between human power and the bicycle.

With Connex bicycle chains the shifting procedure becomes precise, quick and safe. Be it mountain bike riding over rough terrain, leading the peloton on a racing bike, or en route with a trekking bike with a Connex bicycle chain, gear changing will always be effortless, quick, and completed with the utmost precision.

Connex chains offer selected high-quality materials in combination with a clever and unique connector. Our products are compatible with the corresponding drive systems from Shimano, Sram, and Campagnolo.

Connex bicycle chains For a long and dependable life

The Connex range offers the perfect chain for your specific requirements.

Be it extremely narrow and light for 10-speed gears on racing bikes, wear and corrosion resistance to withstand the tough MTB conditions, right down to the normal day-to-day city bike Connex chains are always the first choice.

Connex Connectors Assembly by hand, in seconds

Each Connex chain is delivered with the matching Connex connector. Connectors are also available individually.

All connecting systems can be easily assembled and disassembled in seconds most of them even tool-free. The high-grade materials will withstand enormous strains at minimal wear.

Connex Accessories For optimal bicycle chain care

The tools and accessories for Connex bicycle are a perfect equipment for any situation.

Chain-wear indicator, emergency tool and WKS chain spray are indispensable aids, while the fashionable biker bracelet proves that Connex chains do not only look good on a bike. more

Connex by Wippermann Trend-setting technology backed by tradition

Connex is a brand of Wippermann jr. GmbH for more than 100 years the expert for industrial chains, sprockets and bicycle chains. more

Sponsored teams winning with Connex chains

Wippermann supports many teams around the globe providing Connex products, advertising and mechanical service in race events. Close cooperation with team mechanics and riders provides essential information for the development of our chains.

Here you get a list of the currently sponsored teams. more


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New at Connex:
Bicycle chain

Cool look, extremely wear resistant, available as 9sB and 10sB.

10s8 for new Monty Bike

Monty relies on our Connex 10s8 for their new Mountainbike M8


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Team Haibike 2010


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