Connex bike chains by gear type

Connex bike chains by gear type

No matter if your component system has 11, 10, 9 or 8 speed chains, whether you use hub gears with narrow  or wider cogs or whether you drive a single-speed: In our comprehensive range of chains for all component systems, you will certainly find a chain that meets all your requirements. You can be sure that each of these chains is industry proved and incorporates 120 years of know-how in chain manufacturing.

Fully compatible with all component systems:

Our entire chain range is optimized for all customary Shimano*, Campagnolo* und SRAM* component systems. This is ensured by our high-performance plate geometry which offers top gear-changing properties on all our 11-speed, 10-speed, 9-speed and also on some of our 8-speed chains.


* registered trademark

bike chains by gear type

11-speed chains - The next level

11-speed chainsThe next level

The benchmark for your 11-speed cassette: extremely precise and rapid shifting thanks to the innovative speed wing. The power pin guarantees highest stability in minimum width. Read more »

10-speed chains - Absolute performance

10-speed chainsAbsolute performance

High-grade materials combined with the innovative high-performance plate and power pin on all of our 10-speed chains. Read more »

9-speed chains - The all-rounder

9-speed chainsThe all-rounder

Premium raw material plus high performance plate geometry and power pin. That equals perfect chains for 9-speed gear systems. Read more »

8-speed chains - Go Extreme

8-speed chainsGo Extreme

Proven outer plate design, innovative riveting - our chains all for 8-, 7- and 6-speed component systems. Read more »

7-speed chains - Diversity for work and leisure

7-speed chainsDiversity for work and leisure

Premium material and proven performance for bikes with narrow hub gears or 7-, 6- and 5-speed derailleurs. Read more »

1-speed chains - One and only

1-speed chainsOne and only

Whether BMX, fixie, track bike or fun bike – this is the perfect choice for hub gears with wider cogs and single-speeds. Read more »