10-speed derailleur chains


POWER CHART Connex 10s1

Corrosion protection Wear resistance Lightweight construction Compatibility
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Connex 10s1

Stainless steel inner link - Hollow pins - Nickel

Outstanding service life thanks to stainless steel inner links and high-grade nickel coated outer plates, as well as low weight through hollow pins: With just 260 g for 110 links, the 10s1 model is the lightest chain in the Connex range.

Connex Link
Dimensions: 1/2" x 11/128"
Pin length: 5,90 mm
Roller width: 2,20 mm
Pin ejection pressure: >2000 N
Pin hardening: XHB
Links: 114
Weight: 249 g

For all 10-speed systems

Suitable for road bike and mountain bike

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