The Connex 11sX in the endurance test

Wear test demonstrates the unrivalled service life of the Connex 11sX

In the course of a long-term wear test during winter season 2017/2018, we tested the top 11-speed chains from renowned manufacturers as well as all Connex 11-speed chains, while maintaining exactly the same consistently harsh conditions.

The test simulated the load experienced while climbing uphill at a speed of 13 km/h and an incline of 8%. The addition of water, oil and sand simulates the extreme conditions typically experienced while riding a mountain bike. The Connex 11sX proved its unrivalled service life in this test.

Here are all details regarding the exact test procedure as well as the results of all chains.


drive train

front chain ring: 52 teeth
back sprocket: 17 teeth
test chain: 63 links
reference chain: 63 links

riding simulation

weight driver: 70.0 kg (bike 8.0kg)
incline: 8%
speed: 13 km/h
substances accelerating wear: 20 ml water - 15 ml oil - 15 ml sand

wear measurement

measurement points: hole centres of the end links
measurement load of the chain strand: 10 kg

The calculation of the maximum wear increase arises from the baseline measurement plus 1% increase. The baseline measurement is calculated as follows:
Baseline measurement = number of links x pitch = 63 links x 12.70 mm = 800.10 mm