Chains for single-speeds and fixies

Pure bike feeling without shifting is your number one priority? Then, our chains for your single-speed or fixie are perfect for you: extremely robust, reliable, low-maintenance and with optimum running properties. All you have to do is enjoy pure cycling pleasure.


One speed, many features

Each of these bike chains is compatible with all common wide hub gears. In order to perfectly cater to your individual needs, we offer a broad range of diverse models with many different features. The Connex 1Z1 is coated with Zinc flake, for instance, to make sure that rust doesn't stand a chance. The fully nickel-plated Connex 108 is perfectly protected against weather impacts.


Connex 100

The low-priced standard model offers outstanding functional features.

Connex 1Z1

The Zinc flake Anti-Rust coating provides the Connex 1Z1 with outstanding protection against corrosion.

Connex 108

This wide, fully nickel-plated BMX and track chain is extremely weather-proof and wear-resistant.

Connex 1R8

The perfect solution for all cases where the chain must resist extraordinary loads.

Connex 7R8

The strengths of the Connex 7R8 find optimal use in all cases where extreme forces affect the chain.