Chains for trekking bikes and ATB – at home in all terrains

Whether forest paths, gravel tracks or concrete jungle. Whether pleasurable tour or extensive adventure trip: Connex chains for trekking bikes and ATB provide ideal properties for long bike tours and are equally convincing in everyday use.

Their robust design and the use of high-grade steels guarantee an above average service life even if bike and chain bear additional loads due to heavy luggage.


Unlimited compatibility

Our chains for trekking bikes are compatible with all 9-speed8-speed and 7-speed chain systems and provide outstanding shifting performance. The Connex 9sX and Connex 8sX top models additionally feature stainless steel inner links.


Narrow hub gear ATB/trekking Chains

Connex 700

The Connex 700 series made of steel is a value-priced standard model which scores with the typical Connex quality.

Connex 7Z1

With its special Anti-Rust Coating, Connex 7Z1 defies all weather conditions – ideal for permanent use in extreme conditions.

Connex 708

The high-grade nickel-coated plates of the Connex 708 provide reliable protection against corrosion.

Connex 7R8

The strengths of the Connex 7R8 find optimal use in all cases where extreme forces affect the chain.

8-speed ATB/trekking Chains

Connex 800

The Connex 800 chain has all features a value-priced standard model needs for 8-, 7- or 6-speed derailleurs.

Connex 804

This chains offers high-grade nickel-coated outer plates and optimum shifting performance.

Connex 808

The fully nickel-coated inner and outer plates of the 808 provide reliable protection against weather impacts.

Connex 8sX

The 8sX combines high-grade materials and top gear-changing properties and guarantees long-term riding fun.

9-speed ATB/trekking Chains

Connex 900

The value-priced standard model: Connex 900 is robust and offers top gear-changing properties thanks to high performance plates.

Connex 904

The Connex 904 offers optimum value for money: nickel-coated outer plates and perfect shifting properties.

Connex 908

This high-grade fully nickel-plated chain is perfectly suited for every terrain.

Connex 9sG

Great style and superior shifting properties thanks to the innovative high performance plate.

Connex 9sB

Black, strong, extremely durable. This is ensured by the industry-proved Ultra-Black Coating.

Connex 9sX

Connex 9sX offers perfect protection against corrosion, wear and tear as well as outstanding gear-changing properties.