Mountain bike chains – best gear-shifting performance on the trail

Whether Cross Country, All Mountain, Enduro or Freeride – bikes and bikers must meet highest demands. No matter if strenuous uphill out of the saddle or technically demanding trail – smooth shifting is the be-all and end-all of cycling fun, absolute durability of the bike chain is a must for bike safety. With the high-end chains in uncompromising quality, Connex offers an excellent solution for precisely this purpose.

All Connex chains are made from the highest-grade steels. The Power Pin rivet provides exceptional resistance against plates disassembling while cross gearing under load.

Innovative plates for optimum shifting performance on all common gear systems

Many of our mountain bike chains feature plates in our new innovative high performance design and therefore provide outstanding shifting properties on all common gear systems.


8-speed mountain bike Chains

Connex 800

The Connex 800 chain has all features a value-priced standard model needs for 8-, 7- or 6-speed derailleurs.

Connex 804

This chains offers high-grade nickel-coated outer plates and optimum shifting performance.

Connex 808

The fully nickel-coated inner and outer plates of the 808 provide reliable protection against weather impacts.

Connex 8sX

The 8sX combines high-grade materials and top gear-changing properties and guarantees long-term riding fun.

9-speed mountain bike Chains

Connex 900

The value-priced standard model: Connex 900 is robust and offers top gear-changing properties thanks to high performance plates.

Connex 904

The Connex 904 offers optimum value for money: nickel-coated outer plates and perfect shifting properties.

Connex 908

This high-grade fully nickel-plated chain is perfectly suited for every terrain.

Connex 9sG

Great style and superior shifting properties thanks to the innovative high performance plate.

Connex 9sE

The reinforced design combined with stainless steel inner links is ideal for e-bikes with 9-speed gear systems.

Connex 9sB

Black, strong, extremely durable. This is ensured by the industry-proved Ultra-Black Coating.

Connex 9sX

Connex 9sX offers perfect protection against corrosion, wear and tear as well as outstanding gear-changing properties.

10-speed mountain bike Chains

Connex 10s0

The low-priced standard model of our tried and proven 10-speed series.

Connex 10s8

The high-grade nickel coating on the Connex 10s8 provides outstanding protection against corrosion.

Connex 10sB

The industry-proved Ultra-Black Coating of the plates ensures optimal corrosion protection.

Connex 10sG

The golden look provides your bike with the perfect style factor, while the new plate offers top gear-changing properties.

Connex 10sX

The intelligent material mix of stainless steel and innovative nickel coating provide maximum resistance to wear and tear.

11-speed mountain bike Chains

Connex 11s0

Welcome to the world of 11-speed gear systems: Low price and superior gear-changing properties.