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Dr. Stephan Gerber, Christian Hamann

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Dr. Stephan Gerber, Christian Hamann

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Remind GmbH 
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1. Contents of website
The operator of the website shall not be liable in any way whatsoever for information being up to date, correct, complete and of the right quality. Any liability claims against the operator of the website referring to any material or goodwill losses/damage, caused by the use or omission of use of any information offered and/or the use of faulty and incomplete information, shall be excluded in principle subject to the absence of any evidential intentional or grossly negligent fault of the website operator. Offers shall be subject to prior sale and not final. The operator of the website explicitly reserves the right to change, amend, delete or stop publication for some time or for ever without any special announcement.

2. References and links
For any direct or indirect references to third-party websites ("links") outside the website operator’s responsibility, liability would exclusively be generated in cases where the website operator is aware of the contents and prevention of use would be technically feasible and reasonable in case of any illegal contents. The website operator herewith explicitly declares that at the time when the link was established, no illegal contents were detectable on the websites to be linked. The website operator has no influence on the present or future design, the contents or copyright of any linked pages. He therefore explicitly rejects any contents of linked pages, which were changed after establishing the link. This statement shall apply to any links and references within his own internet offer and to third-party entries in any lists of companies, guest books, chat rooms and mailing lists. Any opinion expressed on linked pages may but need not be the operator’s opinion even when complying with applicable laws and regulations and not giving rise to any objections whatsoever. The supplier of a page to which reference was made shall be solely liable for any illegal, faulty or incomplete contents and in particular any loss/damage resulting from the use of or omission to use the said information offered and not the party referring to the publication in question via links.

3. Copyright and identification right
The website operator has endeavoured to consider in any publications the copyrights of graphics, sound documentation, video sequences and texts, to use graphics, sound documentations, video sequences and texts generated by the operator or to make use of any graphics, sound documentations, video sequences and texts not requiring any licences. Any trademarks referred to in the Internet offer and any trademarks possibly registered by third parties shall be fully subject to the provisions of the trademark law presently in force and the ownership rights of their appropriate registered owners. Mere quotation shall not lead to the conclusion that trademarks are not protected by third-party rights. 
Copyrights for any items published generated by the website operator personally shall remain the sole property of the website operator. Copying or use of the said graphics, sound documentation, video sequences and texts in any other electronic or printed publication shall not be allowed without the explicit approval of the website operator.

4. Data protection
Should the internet offer allow the entry of any personal or business data (e-mail addresses, names and addresses), the publication of the said data by the user has been made voluntarily. Use and payment for any services offered shall also be allowed without the said data being supplied and/or subject to the supply of anonymous data – as and when technically feasible, permitted by law and acceptable. See also references for the use of online contacts.

5. Legal effectivity of this exclusion of liability
This exclusion of liability shall be considered as part of the Internet offer from which reference was made to this text. Should parts to specific formulations of this text not or no longer or not fully comply with existing laws, the contents and validity of any other parts of the document shall not be affected by the same.