E-bike chains – electrifying performance

A peripheral phenomenon only a few years ago and still a much-discussed topic: e-bikes. The powerful electric motors can transmit extremely high torques of 250 to 300 Watts to the e-bike chain. They generate high load peaks which only a few components can permanently stand up to. Connex meets these challenges with state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, materials and coating processes developed for industrial applications that we use to produce e-bike chains that are extremely resistant to high-torque load changes.


Unique high quality for e-bikes

We offer chains specifically designed to meet the requirements of 10-speed9-speed8-speed7-speed and 1-speed chain systems. These chains are especially resistant to high load changes – and thus set standards in terms of workmanship and long service life. The Connex 10sEConnex 9sE and Connex 8sE models additionally feature wear-resistant stainless steel inner links.


Connex 1E8

With its reinforced plates, the 1E8 is ideal for e-bikes with wide hub gear systems.

Connex 7E8

Connex 7E8 is perfect for really hard work. Reinforced chain links transfer the torque from the drive with minimal loss.

Connex 8sE

The 8sE scores with excellent corrosion protection and maximum service life – for all 8-speed derailleurs and narrow hub gears.

Connex 10sE

Despite its narrow width, Connex 10sE easily stands up to the high loads of e-bike drives.

Connex 11SE

This resistant E-Bike chain is specifically designed for the sporty MTB range. The innovative chamfering of the outer links enables excellent shifting performance.