9-speed chains – your allrounder

Our 9-speed chains are compatible with all common road biketouring bike and mountain bike gear systems.
The innovative high performance plate geometry gives all types of this series the very best gear-changing properties. And for highest resistance to wear and maximum strength, we have implemented an innovative process for radial riveting.


Premium steel and high-grade coatings for durable chains

The Connex 9sX bestseller with an inner link made of high-grade stainless steel withstands wear and tear up to 20% longer. The high-grade coatings of the Connex 9sG and the Connex 9sB offer optimum protection against corrosion. Always included with all 9-speed chains: the unique Connex Link.


Connex 900

The value-priced standard model: Connex 900 is robust and offers top gear-changing properties thanks to high performance plates.

Connex 904

The Connex 904 offers optimum value for money: nickel-coated outer plates and perfect shifting properties.

Connex 908

This high-grade fully nickel-plated chain is perfectly suited for every terrain.

Connex 9sG

Great style and superior shifting properties thanks to the innovative high performance plate.

Connex 9sE

The reinforced design combined with stainless steel inner links is ideal for e-bikes with 9-speed gear systems.

Connex 9sB

Black, strong, extremely durable. This is ensured by the industry-proved Ultra-Black Coating.

Connex 9sX

Connex 9sX offers perfect protection against corrosion, wear and tear as well as outstanding gear-changing properties.