12-speed chains – narrower, not weaker

Our new 12-speed chains have been specially developed to meet the requirements of the latest generation of high-performance shifting systems.


Supports the entire range of your 12-speed cassette

Thanks to our high-performance link, the Speed Wing, shifting on current 12-speed shifting systems is extremely fast and quiet, as with all Connex chains. The optimised geometry of the inner link lends the chain exceptional wear properties. With up to 138 links, our chains are suitable for every type of drive system. And of course every 12-speed chains comes with our legendary Connex Link.


Connex 12sE

Thanks to the innovative graining of the outer plates, this high-end chain allows smooth shifting, even on narrow 12 speed cassettes of high-performance e-mountain bikes.

Connex 12s0

High-quality materials and optimum shifting performance. Supports the entire range of your 12-speed cassette.