The Power of twelve

The new 12s0 available in our online store

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11SE / Current up

Especially for the sporty E-MTB use

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With passion for bikes

Chains since 1893.

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High Performance tab

Shaped for maximum performance on all shifting systems

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Bike chains and e-bike sprockets

E-bike chain ring for normal loads in the leisure sector


Connex Link

The legendary connector – chains can be easily and securely assembled and disassembled without any tools.

Spring Clip

The robust spring clip is ideally suited for hub gear and single-speed chains.

Snap On

The tool-free connecting system for rapid and convenient mounting of 7-speed chains.

Maintenance and tools

Connex Bio Chain Lube

With the Bio Chain Lube your chain is perfectly protected against wear and corrosion. The lubricant is biodegradable.

Chain wear indicator

With the Connex chain wear indicator, you can see at a glance if the chain needs to be replaced.

Chain Tool

If the chain breaks, the Chain Tool is perfect for quick fixes. You can remove the defective link from the chain in a jiffy.