10-speed chains – extreme performance

Our 10-speed chains are only 2.2 mm wide (internally) and compatible with all 10-speed drive systems. High-grade materials provide long service life and the high performance plate guarantees outstanding shifting properties.


Bike chains for high demands with stainless steel

The stainless steel used for the inner link of the Connex 10s1 and Connex 10sX 10-speed chains is an added safeguard against wear to protect the expensive sprockets. The high-grade coatings of the Connex 10sG and the Connex 10sB offer optimum protection against corrosion. Connex Link, the tool-free connector, is always included with each of these chains.


Connex 10SE

Despite its narrow width, Connex 10SE easily stands up to the high loads of e-bike drives.

Connex 10S0

The low-priced standard model of our tried and proven 10-speed series.

Connex 10S8

The high-grade nickel coating on the Connex 10S8 provides outstanding protection against corrosion.

Connex 10SB

The industry-proved Ultra-Black Coating of the plates ensures optimal corrosion protection.

Connex 10SG

The golden look provides your bike with the perfect style factor, while the new plate offers top gear-changing properties.

Connex 10SX

The intelligent material mix of stainless steel and innovative nickel coating provide maximum resistance to wear and tear.