Connectors for bike chains: easy opening and secure closing

Whether on the race course or in rugged terrain – bike chains are exposed to extreme loads, also on the connector. And at the end of an exhausting tour, maintenance and chain care are on the to-do list.


Practical thanks to tool-free assembly

This is why our connectors for bike chains are not only extremely resilient and reliable but also easy to open and close repeatedly without any tools (Connex Link and Snap On). If the chain should break on the road, the tool-free assembly and disassembly is also extremely practical.


Cranked link (Half link)

The practical half chain link for perfecting the chain length with hub gears.

Spring Clip

The robust spring clip is ideally suited for hub gear and single-speed chains.

Snap On

The tool-free connecting system for rapid and convenient mounting of 7-speed chains.

Connex Link

The legendary connector – chains can be easily and securely assembled and disassembled without any tools.