11-speed chains – versatile, wear resistant, fast

Our 11-speed chains are perfectly suited for all common shifting systems, which are frequently used with current mountain bikes or road bikes. The Connex 11sX top model with stainless steel inner links provides maximum wear resistance.


High performance plate geometry

Speed Wing, the innovative outer plate, ensures particularly rapid and silent shifting on our 11-speed chains. The newly developed peripheral chamfering of the outer plate ensures optimum chain guide and gear-changing performance. And for optimal absorption of the high shear forces through extreme transmission, we have implemented a completely innovative process for radial riveting. This process, in combination with a special pin coating, guarantees top performance and long wear. And it goes without saying that each of our 11-speed chains comes with our legendary Connex Link.


Connex 11s0

Welcome to the world of 11-speed gear systems: Low price and superior gear-changing properties.

Connex 11sX

With high-grade materials and a high performance plate geometry, Connex 11sX leaves nothing to be desired.

Connex 11SB

Black, robust, extremely durable, and 100 % industry proved.

Connex 11SE

This resistant E-Bike chain is specifically designed for the sporty MTB range. The innovative chamfering of the outer links enables excellent shifting performance.