Maintenance and tools for bike chains

Whether at home or on the road – our practical tools for bike chains make life easier and more enjoyable. Our Connex chain wear indicator enables you to reliably determine the condition of your bike chain, the Connex “WKS Spezial” chain spray provides optimal care and thereby maximises the chain's service life. And in case of emergency: Defective chain links can be replaced in a jiffy with the Connex Chain Tool – simply practical!


Chain ring wear indicator

Our chain ring wear indicator allows you to check whether you need to replace the chain ring or the sprocket to protect your chain.

Chain wear indicator

With the Connex chain wear indicator, you can see at a glance if the chain needs to be replaced.

Connex Bio Chain Lube

With the Bio Chain Lube your chain is perfectly protected against wear and corrosion. The lubricant is biodegradable.

Chain Tool

If the chain breaks, the Chain Tool is perfect for quick fixes. You can remove the defective link from the chain in a jiffy.