Chains for wide hub gears – one and only

Our chains for wide hub gears and 1-speed chains respectively are perfect for all hub gears with broad sprockets and single-speed. We highly recommend the Connex 1R8 and Connex 108 for tough rides with BMX and track bikes, but fun bikers also value their robust and weather-resistant properties. All models are supplied with a Spring Clip connector.


Connex 1E8

With its reinforced plates, the 1E8 is ideal for e-bikes with wide hub gear systems.

Connex 100

The low-priced standard model offers outstanding functional features.

Connex 1Z1

The Zinc flake Anti-Rust coating provides the Connex 1Z1 with outstanding protection against corrosion.

Connex 108

This wide, fully nickel-plated BMX and track chain is extremely weather-proof and wear-resistant.

Connex 1R8

The perfect solution for all cases where the chain must resist extraordinary loads.