Chains for narrow hub gears – diversity for work and leisure

We recommend Connex bike chains for narrow hub gears for all touring bikescity bikes and BMX bikes with narrow sprockets. Their optimum material properties and proven performance make them perfect for all 14-speed, 9-speed, 8-speed, 7-speed, 6-speed, 5-speed and 1-speed hub gears. The Connex 708Connex 7Z1 and Connex 700 models also fit all established 7-speed, 6-speed and 5-speed derailleurs. Snap On or Spring Clip included.


Connex 7E8

Connex 7E8 is perfect for really hard work. Reinforced chain links transfer the torque from the drive with minimal loss.

Connex 700

The Connex 700 series made of steel is a value-priced standard model which scores with the typical Connex quality.

Connex 7Z1

With its special Anti-Rust Coating, Connex 7Z1 defies all weather conditions – ideal for permanent use in extreme conditions.

Connex 708

The high-grade nickel-coated plates of the Connex 708 provide reliable protection against corrosion.

Connex 7R8

The strengths of the Connex 7R8 find optimal use in all cases where extreme forces affect the chain.