BMX chains – robust and durable

Be it race, freestyle or trial: BMX bikers are anything but sissy. With themselves and their bike. Your BMX chain must cope with high demands, no matter if you take the kicker in the BMX park, don't want to miss a grind in the city or perfect the tailwhip. This is why our Connex chains for BMX are extremely durable and wear-resistant since we only use premium steel and extremely resistant coatings. This quality is combined with optimal running properties – for maximum biking fun.


Broad range for all BMX disciplines

The bike chains for BMX riders are compatible with all wide hub gears and offer the perfect solutions for the most diverse requirements. The Connex 1Z1 for instance features a high-grade Anti-Rust Coating which provides optimum protection against all weathers in the bike park. The reinforced plates of the Connex 1R8 excel even under toughest conditions, e. g. in the city.


Connex 100

The low-priced standard model offers outstanding functional features.

Connex 1Z1

The Zinc flake Anti-Rust coating provides the Connex 1Z1 with outstanding protection against corrosion.

Connex 108

This wide, fully nickel-plated BMX and track chain is extremely weather-proof and wear-resistant.