8-speed chains – go extreme

The chains of this series are compatible with all common 8- speed, 7- speed and 6-speed gear systems. The proven shape of the outer plate guarantees silent and precise gear-shifting, while radial riveting provides maximum resistance to wear and highest safety.


Stainless steel and effective coating processes

The inner links of the Connex 8sX top model are made of stainless steel that lengthens the service life by up to 40%. The Connex 808 and the Connex 804 additionally feature high-grade nickel coatings. The legendary Connex Link is of course included with all 8-speed chains.


Connex 8sE

The 8sE scores with excellent corrosion protection and maximum service life – for all 8-speed derailleurs and narrow hub gears.

Connex 800

The Connex 800 chain has all features a value-priced standard model needs for 8-, 7- or 6-speed derailleurs.

Connex 804

This chains offers high-grade nickel-coated outer plates and optimum shifting performance.

Connex 808

The fully nickel-coated inner and outer plates of the 808 provide reliable protection against weather impacts.

Connex 8sX

The 8sX combines high-grade materials and top gear-changing properties and guarantees long-term riding fun.