Bike chains for heavy-duty bikes – extra reinforced and wear-resistant

Transport bikes or cargo bikes are becoming increasingly popular, especially in urban areas. The rugged all-rounders with two or three wheels not only make good time but also handle heavy loads. Very few bike chains can stand up to these loads for long.


Maximum performance for highest loading capacities

For these "workhorses" among the bikes, Connex offers reinforced heavy-duty bike chains –also perfect for mail bikes velo taxis and military bikes. These models are compatible with common narrow or wide hub gears and provide effective protection against corrosion thanks to their high-grade nickel coating.


Connex 1R8

The perfect solution for all cases where the chain must resist extraordinary loads.

Connex 7R8

The strengths of the Connex 7R8 find optimal use in all cases where extreme forces affect the chain.