Bicycle chains, sprockets and chain wheels made in Germany. Since 1893.

For us, "Made in Germany" is more than just a proof of origin. Rather, it is the promise to offer our customers sustainable and high-quality products by consistently combining engineering and manufacturing expertise from Germany.

We meet our demand for highest quality and sustainability already in the procurement of the raw material, which comes from Germany, to a large extent from regional suppliers, as well as some suppliers from Western European countries. Due to this geographical proximity, we guarantee a high availability and consistently high quality of our products. In this way, our regional ties also benefit the climate: because short transport routes and optimally coordinated supply chains help to keep emissions in the procurement process to a minimum.


Our high-end components are manufactured exclusively on state-of-the-art production equipment at our site in Hagen. This not only enables the unique quality of our products, but also creates and secures jobs and apprenticeships in our region. This has also been part of our self-image for over 125 years.

Continuous investment in our sites guarantees that our chains, sprockets and pinions are always technologically state of the art. Not only discerning bikers around the world know this, but also innovative companies that rely on high-quality and sustainable drive components made in Germany in the field of alternative mobility concepts.