The High Performance tab - shaped for maximum performance on all shifting systems.

Only those who are never satisfied, set new standards. And who expects today in everyday life, on the race track or the trail of his bike top performance, comes to the new generation of our bicycle chains with the High Performance tab hardly past.

Thanks to SPEED WING, our optimized geometry of the tabs, extremely fast and almost silent gear changes are possible on all shifting systems. DIAMOND SHAPE, the newly developed circumferential embossing of the outer contours, provides an optimal chain guide for precise shifting. And to optimally absorb the high lateral forces caused by extreme gear ratios, we have developed a completely new process for radial riveting of the pins. In combination with a special coating, the POWER PINs guarantee maximum load capacity even for the narrow designs of our 9- to 12-speed shifting chains as well as for the Connex 8SE and Connex 8SX.


Whichever of these chains you choose - with their triple technological advantage you are optimally prepared for all challenges: in everyday life, in leisure time and on the race track.

  • Compatible with all shifting systems of the leading manufacturers
  • Fast and almost silent gear changes thanks to SPEED WING
  • Optimal chain guidance and precise shifting through DIAMOND SHAPE
  • Highest load capacity even narrow designs such as 10-, 11-, and 12-speed chains
  • Suitable for all challenges: Everyday life, leisure or professional use