Shaped for highest performances

Shaped for highest performances

Those who expect the highest performances from their chain, will find no alternative to the latest Connex chain generation with high performance plate: SPEED WING, our optimum geometry of the plates enables extremely rapid and virtually silent gear changes on all speed systems. DIAMOND SHAPE – the newly developed peripheral chamfering of the outer shape – ensures optimum chain guide and thus precise gear-changing performance. And for optimal absorption of the high shear forces through extreme transmission, we have developed a completely innovative process for radial riveting of pins. In combination with a special coating, the POWER PINS guarantee long wear – also for the narrow width of our 10-speed and 11-speed chains. We now also produce our 9-speed chains as well as the Connex 8sE and Connex 8sX with new plate geometry and innovative riveting.

Irrespective of which chain you choose – with this triple technological lead, you’re prepared to optimally face challenges of all kinds: in daily situations, during leisure activities and on the race course.

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