E-bike sprockets – More power for e-bikes

E-bike sprockets – More power for e-bikes

The powerful motors combined with hub gears and derailleurs can transmit extremely high torques of 250 to 300 Watts to the chain. Thanks to our expertise in the industrial sector, we can draw on special production technologies, materials and coating procedures to make sure that Connex e-bike sprockets permanently withstand these extreme loads. This is why we can guarantee a uniquely high quality also in the e-bike sector.

Best quality for Panasonic and Bosch

In our product range, you will find sprockets in various designs which are specially tailored to Panasonic and Bosch drive systems – from 9 to 20 teeth.

E-Bike sprocket

e-bike sprockets for Panasonic e-bike drives

E-Bike sprocketFor Panasonic e-bike drives

High-strength raw material, tested hardening processes and a special geometry make this e-bike sprocket extremely resistant. Read more »

e-bike sprocket for Bosch e-bike drives

E-Bike sprocketFor Bosch e-bike drives

High-quality manufacturing and hardening processes make these sprockets for Bosch “new era” e-bike motors extremely resistant. Read more »

E-Bike Chain Ring, 4 X 104 mm

E-Bike sprocketE-Bike Chain Ring 4 X 104 mm, 32-44 teeth

E-Bike Chain Ring suitable for Bosch, Shimano, Yamaha, Brose and Bafang and more Read more »